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Laura Stanik

Designed exclusively for women committed to using their expertise for good, this intensive, done-with-you training program gets you results in real-time. It's hands-on help making progress FAST. No wasting your time at a workshop hearing about what you could do only to go back to your desk and never have the chance to get to any of it. You’ll get the exact system Urgently Good uses, all the tricks and templates you need to take action during the session, and live help implementing it from me. Whether you spend an evening or a day, Women Piloting Brands™ will help you make progress in a serious hurry. Ready to roll up your sleeves and get stuff done?

Be Crowd Ready in Just 1-3 Days

Laura Stanik

If you’re serious about growing something good and don't want to wait 6+ months to make it happen, my company Urgently Good can help you quickly pinpoint and fine tune the message that matters and even set you up with everything you need to become THE thing people can’t resist. From a message that gives people a reason to care to a marketing plan, elevator pitch, and all kinds of custom content like web copy and even videos, Urgently Good will guide you every step of the way and make sure you've got it all in-hand and ready to use and post in just 1-3 days. Find out how you can be crowd ready FAST without any of the guesswork or late nights of doing it yourself.


Laura Stanik

Need a dynamic, accomplished, and sunny speaker or trainer for your next event? I love sharing Urgently Good's Grow for Good™ system that helps folks quickly turn their bold vision for good into a crystal clear message that matters, Urgently Good's research findings about the power of a shared agenda to help you engage exactly the right people, and other insider tricks of the trade that will help your message matter and your marketing attract the crowd you deserve. Check out my most-requested talks, and set up a call to discuss how we might be able to work together to take your event to the next level...next level awesome that is.