Wow a Crowd

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make your event extra good

If you're looking to avoid the traditional bored-room and want to wow the heck out of your event attendees with an energetic, sunny, and interactive session that can help everyone revamp their perspective, make progress on the spot, and fly away with tangible next steps, we should talk.

Whatever kind of good you’re celebrating, convening, screening, or unveiling, I can help you make it a wow-worthy, epic moment that makes a statement people won't forget.

I’ve spent 15 years leading brand strategy and building engaged and philanthropic communities for nonprofits, academic institutions, and thought leaders. From million and billion dollar fundraising campaigns to associations, businesses, events, programs, and institutions, I’ve branded and marketed all kinds of good. These days, I’m the CEO of Urgently Good, a NJ-based branding and marketing firm I founded to help those making a difference attract the crowd they deserve. I regularly share insider tricks of the trade as an event speaker.

From large conferences to more intimate group training sessions, I can help you take your event to the next level...next level awesome, that is.

Schedule a time to discuss your upcoming event and how we might work together to wow the crowd. You can check out my most frequently requested talks below.

Most Requested Talks

Get That It Factor

Do you have "it"? That "it" factor that magnetically attracts the crowd you deserve. You might be doing good, but that doesn't mean people will care about it. Learn how to fine-tune the four dimensions of your "it" factor so you become THE thing people can't resist.

Grow Your Good Exponentially

Exponential growth requires building relationships that last. It's extremely tough to build momentum and create sustainable growth by only focusing on developing new relationships. So, what's the secret to building lasting relationships? After analyzing tons of academic and industry research...and drinking a LOT of coffee along the way, Urgently Good uncovered the one must-have an organization needs to build relationships that last and create exponential growth. Turns out, it's not about telling your story or besting the competition. Find out what research reveals makes a relationship last, what predicts if a relationship will last, and how you can transform your organization's ability to grow exponentially.

Takeoff Faster With The Right Thing

Under pressure to get people to care? Making a new thing or launching a new piece of tech might seem like the obvious choice because they tend to be cheaper, quicker, and, well, easier to sell to leadership. But, you’re likely wasting your limited resourced trying to solve the wrong problem. No amount of snazzy tech or sleek design will get people to care unless you have a message that matters (not just to you but to them), and odds are you probably don’t have a message that matters...and you don’t even realize it. Learn how to turn your bold vision for good into a crystal clear message that matters to exactly the right people - and how to quickly assess whether you need branding, marketing, or design moving forward so you never waste your limited resources again.