Get this...

the thing that attracts a crowd isn't actually a thing

Most communities, institutions, nonprofits, and thought leaders know they’re doing work that matters and assume that if they just create or do something great and promote it, over time people will find it, learn about it, and love it.

So, they try all kinds of things to attract a crowd.

They focus on telling their story, brush up on the latest marketing trends, read about building a brand, find inspiration in what’s working for others, and pump out promotions far and wide. And, of course, exhaust themselves with all the late nights and sweat equity of doing it themselves (with limited resources).

When they don’t see growing numbers or increasing interest, they assume the problem is that they must not have some “thing.” Their website must not be fancy enough. They must need to make some videos. They haven’t updated their photos in a while. So, they invest in one thing after another and still don’t get the results they’d like.

Sound familiar?

I totally get it. Like you, I made a choice to use my expertise to do some good. I spent a large portion of my career working inside nonprofits and academic institutions. I’ve sat on your side of the desk and seen organizations big and small invest their already limited resources into making some new “thing” - a new video, a new mailer, a new email series, a new social ad - only to end up right back where they started...wishing more people cared.

In fact, I’ve spent 15 years leading brand strategy and building engaged and philanthropic communities for nonprofits, academic institutions, and thought leaders. From million and billion dollar fundraising campaigns to associations, businesses, events, programs, and institutions, I’ve branded and marketed all kinds of good. These days, I’m the CEO of Urgently Good, a NJ-based branding and marketing firm I founded to help those making a difference attract the crowd they deserve.

And what I’ve learned is this…

The single most important "thing" you need isn't a thing at all. No amount of snazzy or expensive design will get people to care. Attracting a crowd requires a message that matters...not just to you - but to them, too.

Here’s the catch…

Just because you’re working to do good in the world doesn’t mean you have a message that matters.

In fact, odds are you probably don’t have a message that matters...and you don’t even realize it.

That means, you’re likely wasting your limited resources on shiny, expensive “things” that won’t get results. Without a message that matters, people won’t understand, won’t even notice, or - worse - will completely ignore your efforts.

The “secret” to attracting a crowd is identifying the agenda you share with people and turning that shared agenda into a crystal clear message that matters - one that the right people will notice, appreciate, remember, and act on. When you consistently activate that message in everything you do, you become THE go-to community, destination, or thought leader.

The best part?

You don’t have to go it alone or spend 6+ months figuring it out by trial and error. I can help you quickly turn your bold vision for good into a crystal clear message that matters to exactly the right people. From live training events and speaking engagements to custom branding and marketing for academic institutions, nonprofits, and thought leaders, I can help you make it happen FAST.