About Laura Stanik

Hey there!

Laura StanikI'm Laura Stanik, and I'm on a mission to make social good the standard.

Many of the world’s most pressing issues, from cancer breakthroughs to ocean clean-ups, are being positioned by under-resourced brand builders, communicators, and marketers. These causes are critical to society's health and success, but the skilled folks behind them are struggling to compete for audience attention because they're up against resource-rich brands. That's never seemed right so I founded Urgently Good, a NJ-based brand and marketing strategy team that helps good brands take off - FAST.

Help completing a big project is awesome for those without the bandwidth or expertise in-house, but often what's really standing in the way of skilled folks advancing more good in the world are moments of resistance, doubt, and frustration. I've encountered sooooo many individuals and small teams desperately in need of practical advice to conquer these real-life, every day barriers - like knowing how to respond when others insist "the audience is everyone" (don't you just hate that?). I hear over and over about moments like these so I started Urgently Good's #StrategyMoment Blog to make the space and time for more good by removing every obstacle standing in the way of actually doing awesome marketing communications.

In my spare time, I do some good of my own through AHEM, a sustainability organization I founded to interrupt everything - from our lifestyles to our mythologies - so that we can secure habitable surroundings and nurturing societies for all.